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Quasi Qui

“I was afraid of the future, the thread unraveled again...”


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It’s the end of the world as we know it—so meet Quasi Qui, who will help you segue into the next phase of humanity. In the dystopian / utopian sci-fi reality they envisage, the earth has split into two, and it’s up to you to hitch a ride on the parallel universe of your choosing. Together, Yehan and his sister Zadi are French label Microqlima’s latest signing. The duo are not only reimagining how to make great pop music on their debut album Downloading A New Operating System, they’re also remodelling the future and imagining a civilization that works for us all. Such confident prognostications are certainly welcome right now.


The concept for Downloading A New Operating System came to Yehan periodically, by way of a recurring dream. He describes those dreams as like “a collage of cinematic films”, which formed the basis of ‘City Mashups’, the assured opening track that imbues the spirit of Quincy Jones in widescreen. Swoonsome songs like ‘10 Years’ and ‘Directorial Debut’ are written with a swagger that takes in influences from everywhere, from British synthpop to the great American songbook, with a European worldliness and even an otherworldliness thrown in for good measure.


Downloading A New Operating System is an ambitious undertaking for a debut record, with a side A and a side B that work as a narrative arc and compliment each other as much as the sibling harmony of Yehan and Zadi compliment each other. “It’s structured in a way that can take you from the starting point of transformation and through all the darkness and the struggles and the frustrations to the other end,” says Yehan, “and it might just make you feel better.” If it’s the end of the world as we know it, then Quasi Qui already have one foot in the near future, and they can’t wait for you to join them.

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