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Isaac Delusion

“A floating and melancholic pop boosted with powerful bass ”

À Nous Paris

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When the darkness of the world suddenly brings out our deepest emotions, the boys of Isaac Delusion choose to put them on score.


With “Make It”, the group explores with disarming sincerity the different colors of the feelings experienced during confinement, a bit like a patchwork of their emotions “in the face of the world at a standstill, shocked with the tranquility experienced in a cocoon of creativity” will tell Jules Pacotte and Loïc Fleury.


But this disc is also the story of these pieces of the past, forgotten or neglected for fear of not charming, finally in the process of hatching in a context of relativization and letting go hitherto unknown. From the luminous “Be True” to the poisonous “Touché”, Isaac Delusion continues his flight to the stars with this second EP with an almost phantasmagorical feel, oscillating between the soft whispers of Loïc Fleury and the lyrical flights that we know from them.

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