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“Simple, poetic lyrics and a romantic story”

Les Inrockuptibles

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“Rêve Réalité, that moment when we forget if it’s daytime or nighttime, if we are awake or still asleep, a dusk tinged with pink and blue.


This daze is what Pépite, Thomas and Edouard felt during the past year: a moment of uncertainty, where chimeras collide with reality and which enabled them to write and compose the 5 tracks that make up this EP. Behind these dreams and fictions, Pépite talks about love. Uno sounds like nostalgia for a past world, Mauvaise Idée, like regret, and Mirage instills hope. 


While times change, some things don’t: Thomas writes and sings, Edouard  brings back the choirs, his passion for new sounds and floating colors.

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